City of Sierra Madre



Following are the guide lines and rules for all vendors attending our markets:

1.    Our Farmers markets are held year round. Unless the Market Manager closes the market due to circumstances (extreme weather conditions, etc.), the markets will be held regardless of weather or other situations.

2.    Any checks received by the office that are returned by the bank for insufficient funds incur a $30 processing fee.  After two insufficient fund checks you will thereafter be required to pay by cashierís check, money order or cash until stated otherwise.

3.    All Vendors and Farmers who offer samples at our markets must use approved sneeze guards that are in compliance with Health Department regulations. (For more information contact the Health Dept (310) 665-8450.)

4.    All hot food vendors are required to abide by fire and safety regulations and have a full, operational fire extinguisher on hand.

5.    Vehicles will not be allowed to enter or leave the market site during the marketís hours of operation.

6.    If there is a no-show to a market, walk-ins will be allowed to attend on a first come, first served basis.  Walk-ins will be placed 15 minutes before the market opens.  NOTE: THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU HAVE RESERVED A SPACE, IT WILL BE GIVEN AWAY IF YOU HAVE NOT ARRIVED 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE MARKET OPENS.

7.    If you are scheduled to attend a market and do not show on the day, there will be a $25 no-show penalty fee. If this happens more than twice within the course of one year, you may lose your space in the market.  (Seasonal farmers who are only scheduled to attend during certain months must attend every week during their season or be subject to the same penalty. They are required to give three weeks notice prior to the end of their season.)

To avoid the no-show penalty fee, you must notify Scholastic Gardens not less than 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the market day if you cannot attend that week so that we may fill your space with another vendor.  We will attempt to give your space back to you the following week, but your reservation is not guaranteed.

8.    You are responsible to make sure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Agriculture and the Health Department. The market itself is not in a position to pay fines for farmer or vendor violations.  Therefore if the market is fined for a violation you committed, you are liable to pay the fine.

9.    The quality of our markets depends on our vendors. We reserve the right to dictate needed changes of presentation to ensure your individual booths are up to standards (both in regards to safety and presentation).

10.    We reserve the right to sample any produce to check for freshness and quality.

11.    We reserve the right to perform audits where deemed necessary at any of our markets.

12.    We reserve the right to exclude a vendor from a market if the merchandise to be sold is not fit, appropriate or is already being sold at a market. If this is the case, you will be informed as to why you have been turned down and will be given an option to be put on a waiting list for the market if possible.

13.    We reserve the right to remove a vendor from the market if these guide lines and rules are not abided by, despite attempts to get violations corrected.

14.    We reserve the right to make changes to market fees as we see fit, with proper advance notification to the vendors.  Vendors who wish to opt out of the market at such time may do so without penalty.

15.    The governing body and its designated agents shall implement and enforce all rules and regulations in a fair and equitable manner.